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About Us

    Treasure House started out in 2008 as a private vintage collection of Georgios Karras. Through the owner's ongoing trips throughout Europe, a collection of hand-picked vintage clothes and fabrics was slowly formed. A few years later, in 2014, Treasure House Boutique opened in the center of Athens, in the neighborhood of Psiri. People from all around the world could now find these carefully selected clothes while being assisted with loyalty and great passion.

    In 2017 the brand "Treasure House" was introduced to the public, presenting its hand-made and upcycled unique creations. The Atelier of the brand was created right next to the boutique where it still operates, offering on the spot customizations or alterations on existing designs. Treasure house, maintains a sustainable and ethical profile. The materials which are used are either vintage or modern stock fabrics, or reused fabrics of old quality clothing. Each item of clothing is created in the Atelier, by hand, by a professional seamstress. Thus, there is a limited production of each design making every creation even more special!  

    Enjoy the timeless Treasure House experience!